It’s a lie to brag about wheat’s high yield!Because, each catty grain needs enough fertilizer

Yes, as long as the wheat varieties are approved, the yield levels in the same area are “about the same” – not too high, not too low.Unless, in some disaster years, some wheat varieties were severely reduced due to diseases or freezing damage — for example, “Zhongx100” wheat was severely reduced due to fusarium head blight and stem rot in Chengan County, Handan, Hebei province in 2018, while the yield of fusarium head blight resistance was equal to that of all the years, so,Although it is increased several hundred jins – but can not be “cheeky” to say that the yield of this variety is “the first county”.Mind you, any wheat variety that dares to preach is against the law — against the Advertising Act, against the Seed Act, against the Consumer Protection Act.In every county, there are a few money-hungry “little men” who deliberately brag about how high-yielding a particular wheat variety is — this is typical behavior.Because, all, a little understanding of some basic agricultural knowledge of the people know: every production of 1 jin of wheat wheat grain, the need to absorb a certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the soil!Moreover, the higher the yield, the higher the uptake (because of diminishing returns to fertilizer).Above, according to the determination of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, per mu yield of 1000 jin wheat, need 15.3 jin of pure nitrogen +6.6 jin of pure phosphorus +23 jin of pure potassium.Of course, if the yield is doubled, the amount of fertilizer is increased by more than three times.- Because of the principle of diminishing returns for fertilizers.Some, in particular, are less likely to be “overly productive” : 1. You can check the certification announcement and compare the yield performance of other varieties certified at the same time.2, basically 1 jin of wheat grain needs more than 1 jin of straw — that is to say, 100% of the large spike wheat density is low, must rely on the compensation to make up for the compensation — 1000 grain weight 45 grams to 1000 grain weight 55 grams as well.If the large spike is dwarfish = only small group, 1000 grain weight is low = easy to yield.Keep in mind that barley must, and barley must, or it will yield less — for without enough biological yield, how can grain yield be?3, we’ll see below, shandong agricultural science data standard of the examination and approval of 289 wheat varieties, as well as rural network science and technology advisory panel areas in the north of “super wheat identification standard of eight”, have proved that # #, short, big wheat are lying  – or not, everyone thought for a minute, why three, understood thoroughly.

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