Shorts need to get ready!These three kinds of collocation are very stylish, personality has temperament also show long legs

Spring is short, and summer is coming soon, so you need shorts. Besides skirts, shorts are a very common item in summer, so it’s very important to choose the right combination.How to choose 1 version of the design version of the design has a lot of points, such as straight tube design, tight design is a version of the choice, loose version has a very good inclusive, tight is very sexy fan, no matter which has a different visual point of view.2. Element design elements will make the shorts not monotonous, some small details embellishment, will make the shorts very extra points, bring a good sense of visual effect, super bright in summer.3. Fabric selection there are many choices of fabric, denim fabric or cotton embellishment, will make the feeling of shorts will be different, so we should be very careful in the choice, each wear will have different points of view.The combination of shorts and shirts is really amazing. The dark shorts on the top can be matched with a light-colored shirt, and the light-colored shorts on the bottom can also be matched with a white shirt. The overall style is more simple.2. The collocation of shorts and suspenders is also a good choice, suspenders are also the standard of summer, which looks more youthful and fashionable, bringing the charm of campus, and then a hat, no problem with the summer feeling.3. Shorts + short sleeve shorts and short sleeve collocation is very casual, and then some printing, increase a lot of design sense, at the same time the ornament of sports shoes, enrich the overall effect, out of the street is too cool.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement immediately delete)

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