Volkswagen and Buick GL8 choose which good?After the old driver contrast, the gap is obvious

Introduction: In the domestic MPV market, Buick GL8 has always been in an undefeated position, many new models will take themselves and GL8 comparison, of course, Volkswagen is no exception.So the budget of 280,000, Volkswagen and Buick GL8 to choose which good?After the old driver contrast, the gap is obvious.First of all, it is a medium and large MPV of SAIC Volkswagen, based on Volkswagen MQB platform. It has been on the market for nearly two years. The whole series of models adopt the layout of 2+2+3 type 7 seats.Now, weran is getting its annual makeover, with the new car officially going on sale in March.The bold front face remains unchanged, while the front grille and the interior of the bumper use multi-banner chrome trim to make the front look more three-dimensional and enhance the visual width, and chrome trim to create a good sense of refinement.Compared to the Buick GL8, the two cars are comparable in luxury.The two sides of the grille are LED headlights. The headlights of the top model are very rich in functions, including automatic headlights, adaptive near and far lights, steering auxiliary lights, steering headlights and rain and fog mode.The exterior mirrors and door handles are rounded, with electric sliding doors on both sides.The top model’s rear view mirror is fully functional, supporting automatic lock folding, automatic reverse down and automatic anti-glare and other functions.The tail of the new majestic has not changed, rounded tail and horizontal line outline, so that the tail of this model looks stable, and do not break the sense of senior.In terms of details, the new Viran does not use the current popular penetrating taillights, but it uses a chrome strip to connect to the two sides of the taillights, with the English LOGO embedded below.In addition, this model is still hidden exhaust.The interior of the new Wei Ran is very obvious compared with the old model, and its main focus is on the position of the central console.The new car has a floating central control screen, the physical air conditioning control area of the old model has been removed, and vw’s latest system electronic baffle bar has been used, and the LOGO of Wei Ran has been added to the trim panel.The interior is more luxurious than the GL8, which is made of plain, plastic materials.The style of the steering wheel is unchanged, and the multi-function keys are mechanical instead of vw’s latest capacitive keys.Multi-function keys on the left for driving assistance control, multimedia and dashboard control keys on the right.The new Viran uses Volkswagen’s latest vehicle-vehicle system, which has been installed on the ID. family and the new Lamando L, so the interface of the dashboard and the central control screen has been significantly changed.The system works smoothly and also supports CarLife and CarPlay mobile connectivity.There are four shortcut touch keys for driving assistance, air conditioning adjustment, parking assistance and driving mode in the central air conditioning outlet, which need to be operated on the screen to complete.The filling of the front seat is very thick, and the hardness is moderate, and the support for the body is good.The function of the model is also in place. The front seats support heating and the main driving memory function.The front and back of the second row seats need to be manually adjusted, and other functions can be completed by electric adjustment.The two rows of seats have a wide range of adjustment, allowing for a half-lying posture, but there is no tray table.Functionally, support heating/ventilation/massage, massage strength is large.The third-row seats are also comfortable, but legroom is a bit cramped.At the same time, the New Way has storage space and charging sockets for the third row of passengers.For one thing, the charging ports on the New Viper are all Type-c interfaces.Under the normal state, the new wei Ran’s backroom space is still very spacious, and there is no problem in daily use.In addition, the third row of seats can be recline on a 4/6 scale, but there is a height drop from the trunk floor.In terms of power, the New Viran is still equipped with a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine, which comes in two power versions with 137kW and 162kW output and 320N·m and 350N·m torque, respectively, matched by a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.By contrast, Buick GL8 has a 2.0t +9AT powertrain with 237 horsepower.Conclusion In general, the emergence of the Volkswagen Viva does open up a new choice in the MPV market, and the luxury of the interior is better than that of the GL8. However, buick GL8 has been on the market for many years, and there are many solutions in the modification market. The GL8 can be converted into a luxury land cabin in a minute, and the threshold is lower than the Viva.That’s why the GL8 has been so popular in the MPV market.What will people say about which one is better?Feel free to leave a comment below.

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