Chinese football again storm!National football team issued a document for help: owe my salary and bonus when to give

Chinese football again, international junmin hao suffered injustice, he had to post on the Internet for help, and hope to receive proper treatment, did not expect was we laugh at and envy soccer player will also be back pay, it lets a person crying, we fans should be saying what a suck, for his thumb up, or criticism of the team back pay practices with junmin hao?Hao Junmin posted in personal social media, content is to wuhan team for salary.Is helpless, helpless or innocent?This contradiction can not be solved for certain privately, so can only send to the net vent discontent in the heart.”When will I get the salary and bonus I owe?You have to fool me!It didn’t cost you a dime to be here.Is it corporate culture that you promise to settle wages at the end of the year and then continue to delay wages at the end of the year?Because it is a hometown team, so I will not look back, give everything, but you are so no integrity?How about a little mutual respect?In the world, little is achieved by doing nothing; half is achieved by doing something for profit; half is achieved by motivating and forcing.”His last words are from Zeng Guofan’s Letter to Zeng Guofan.From this sentence we can see that Hao Junmin’s cultural level is very high, and his football level is similar.Hao Junmin was born in the 1980s and had a brilliant career.Junmin hao become famous young, 20 years ago to be included in the state team, become a member of the Chinese national youth team, later development is also very smooth, soon to be included in the national team, and become the super best newcomer, junmin hao and bundesliga club signed in 2010, looks good, the second year, and the club contract.Hao, who has also captained the Chinese men’s national team and is a regular on the national team, joined his hometown team last year for a zero transfer fee and played 13 games for Wuhan.The performance may not be good, but the wages have to be paid. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. After all, having played more than ten games, it is a bit excessive not to pay a penny.Hao junmin is a talented and hard-working player, gao Hongbo once said that he is very serious in training and competition, and has excellent technical ability.Gao hongbo believes that Wuhan has no shortage of talented players, including Hao Junmin, who once played in the Bundesliga and is the only Chinese player to have established himself in the five major leagues, which shows that he has talent and potential and proves that Chinese football can produce good talent.Although already more than 30 years old, but There is a lot of oil in the tank of Kobayumin, ability to decline is not obvious, because football has changed his life, so he also reluctant to leave his love of football career, hope that Kobayumin event can be solved smoothly, get his attention to money.

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