Help “double minus” Ningbo care class fun winter vacation life

Making tiger stamps, playing cards solitaire, 24 points……On the afternoon of February 9th, walking into The Wantou community of Yongjiang Street, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, we found that the children here are carrying out various interesting puzzle games under the guidance of teachers.Originally, Ningbo Zongrui Youth Palace carried out the “double reduction”, sent the winter vacation public welfare care classes into the community activities, to further deepen the “double reduction” volunteer service work, solve the winter vacation students “nursing difficulties” problem, implement the winter vacation youth care services.The 10-day winter vacation public welfare hosting class was well received by students and parents alike.Liu yaxi, 8, is carefully cutting out a cute tiger she has just drawn on scratch paper. This is the first time she has made a stamp by hand.”Don’t move your hand too fast or it will be angular.”Liu said the days of hosting classes make her feel fulfilled. “I am very happy, because I have many friends to study and play with me.””We are busy with work at ordinary times,” said Ms. Zhang, a parent who came to pick up her child from class. “During the winter vacation, our child has no place to go, so we are very relieved to send her here.It’s also a free hosting class for the public good, and the curriculum is very rich.”Zongrui Youth Palace said that the content of the public welfare hosting includes party history education, traditional culture inheritance, mental health classes, schoolwork counseling, reading guidance and youth publicity, so that children have a full and healthy winter vacation.(ningbo)

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